Tools Used in IT Industry!!

There are some tools which you are currently using or you are going to use in the future, why not I give a glimpse of the future that which type of tools you used... It's interesting right

Note - I will not cover the company's own property or the company builds for its own purpose.

Let's begin, now in any industry, there are 5 types of tools are used, the types I am going to tell you is irrespective which type of industry is, service or product, there is just one thing the industry should be IT Industry.

Now there are 5 division of tools:-

IDE and Editors for developers:-

Now for a developer, you need a platform that will help you to write code and efficient in every aspect to coding, now don't get the wrong idea IDE's and editors are different things. Ide full form is the Integrated Development Environment as the name suggest it provide you an environment to build your code, it provides you all the necessary third party application which you can plugin and starts working. IDE enhances coder productivity by providing different facilities into a single environment like editing source code, building executable source code files, debugging.

Whereas If I put simply a text editor is designed to edit text, now that text can be an HTML file, XML file, ANT file, and different types of files that you use. Typically they are used for writing programs or they are efficient for programming language.

Examples:- For IDE - Eclipse for JAVA, Visual studio for dot net and other Microsoft languages, RubyMine for Ruby, and Xcode for Apple.

Examples:- For TextEditor - Sublime Text, Notepad++ etc..

Designer Tools:-

Now as the name suggests the designer tools give you the upper hand in every type of design, it can be an animation or logo or site design structure or working on an image or it can be all of them. The designer tool helps companies to enhance the user experience of their customers. It is also a very essential tool and the problem is the number of people work on the design element in any company is very less. Now another problem is that there is none a single designer tool that completes all your expectations at least you need 2 tools to complete your graphics part.

Well, I can say one thing for sure designers is the lifeline of any product or site or in any company, because they know by showing them just a thing how can we impress them.

Also, designers will always have the challenge to create something that everyone likes.

Tools Used:- Designers- Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Proofhub. iMac desktop computer, Picsart, Adobe color CC, Trello. etc..

Automation Tools:-

Now, this is an important set of tools and most interesting of them all for techy peoples, well I like the tools of this division the most because it makes your job to the easiest level. Now, this division contains different types of tools, let me tell you what those are:-

  • If you want to automate your testing process then, It has a tool.

  • If you want continuous integration and continuous deployment, It has a tool.

  • If you want to automate the customer management process, It has a tool.

  • If you want to automate your sales process, It has a tool.

Well, my point is for almost every type of you have an automation tool that will help you in that particular field.

Let me give you an example so you understand better, suppose you are going to build a project then at the initial phase you need a tool that will calculate your all expenditure and tell you how much the total cost will be approx, next you start to code then you use intelligent ide which has AI that will complete your code when you are half away, next phase., now you are done with coding and testing phases comes, you have already heard the term automation tester, he or she uses the automation tool and language to make testing phase in an automated one. Now you need to deploy it to the server after several codes you don't have to do it manually, there is a tool for that also. Now comes the last phase maintaining customers now each time a new customer is added you need to greet him, provide support from automation whenever they need.

Tools used- Jenkins, selenium, Git, Provar, Salesforce, IBM Analytics, plugins for a different use, etc...

Bug Tracking Tool:-

Now for first comers what is a bug tracking tool?. Now it's a tool which helps you to track your problems stage that is, If a new problem is generated you will get notified if a new change in functionality comes you will get notified, if a new task is assigned to you, you will get notified. Also, bug tracking is used to keep track of future roadmaps that tell you what will be the future plans for the product or the company.

Tools Used- JIRA, ZEPHYR

Customer Management Relationship Tool:-

Now, this tool type is used at the initial stage to maintain the record of the customers and their problems, now in this present time you don't need to maintain the excel file to record all your customer's name and their issues. You need a proper way right?

If I will tell you the process then it's like this for a CRM tool:-

  • Lead is generated

  • That lead is converted into an opportunity.

  • That opportunity is divided into contacts, accounts

  • Now the customer can file their case, so you need a case

  • And this process goes on until an account of customer terminates.

I hardly scratch the surface of CRM but that sums it.

Tool Used- Salesforce

These are all five categories you need to know about...

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