Best way to test your knowledge in a particular field.

Now an important question comes, if you are learning something then how you can tell yourselves that I have become efficient in this topic?

Well, I am gonna tell you different things that you should try and it will help you a lot.

Now, most people think that they get certified in a field and this will be the best approach but I will correct you slightly here that the certification will help you If a certificate of that level is recognized by industry experts. Confused ..???

Let me give you an example, suppose you are getting training in Java programming language from a neighborhood training center, now you complete that training and they provide you a certificate. Does anybody ask that from where you took the training or in any company interview did the interviewer ask you from where you did your training and show me the certificate, answer is no !!. Now another example is you took training in salesforce from the same training center and then give the salesforce certification exam. Then good companies will reimburse you for the certification. Now that certificate will have a higher value...

But wait is it possible to achieve that level of certification right off from the college, the answer is Yes and No both, if you giving the proper amount of time to that only then it's definitely possible but other than the ground is shaky. Also when you go to the industry you continuously work on that in other terms you are giving proper time to it then is easily achieved.

So what are the other way to do it?

Another way is to give exams held by different training institutes, this is a good way but for the specific area, because the question which is given and the topics that you lean will not tell you that you have done sufficient learning which boosts your level. The marks will tell that you perform good or bad in a specific area with a certain type of problem. It can never ready you for live challenges.

Now I have told you different ideas and concepts then you will be wondering what is the best way?

If I have to give you my straight and forward opinion then I would say make projects.

Let me tell you the reasons why I think this:-

  • The main reason is I am recommending to make projects is that will you will face live problems, which actually come in life and nobody will teach you this, an example can be your software is lagging, sometimes crashing, maybe it's machine-specific and there are a lot more reason to do that

  • Now the second is that you will learn replacements which tell you what to choose at a particular time so that will give you the best results.

  • Another thing that you know is working on end to end projects, means from starting day 1 till day last it is completed.

  • Also, you can learn the maintenance feature that how we can maintain our project for the long run and keep upgrading as per the demand goes.

These are all some important points that you consider in technical terms but other than in technical terms it will help you in your interviews.

As when your interviewer sees your resume and you mentioned some projects that you have worked on then he/she will ask questions about on that project only and you have worked on it so you will be able to tell all the answers.

It is as simple as that!!

Now at last an important question that which level of project you should choose to work on, now it's the answer is it's completely up to you if you are starting a high-level project then you will need high-level resources and high-level knowledge, you will face continuous problems and as you gather your knowledge the problems will be solved.

Another thing is to choose a low-level project which will be completed in less time, works accordingly to your knowledge, and gives confidence in what you have learned.

Now concluding, make projects, pick small and moderate level projects that will give you confidence at the initial level, and keep learning.

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