How to initiate preparation for college placements.

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Well by gathering suggestions, data, methodology, from industry experts, and after analyzing it I am going to tell you how you can initiate preparation for campus placements. Another thing, this blog will tell you about the process of technical and non-technical aspects and how you can cover them. I am assuming that everyone whose going to implement these steps will have achieved the prerequisites of the company(like 60% in boards and college).

Let's dive in...

Now when I am collecting data for this blog, I asked common question from experts. Which is "how frequently people change their domain of working, like if they are working as a tester then how much are the chances they go in other departments like a developer to work?"

Well, 99% percent of them reply initial change can be done, but later it's nearly impossible to switch to a new domain.

So my whole blog will be based on their reply.


Now I have already told you domain transitions is very less in the industry so based on that, the first step will be to choose a profile, now a profile is a high-level domain which explains you which type of work you will be doing like developing, testing, designing, maintenance, consulting or etc...

Now choosing a domain is important because, if you don't choose a domain then you will face severe challenges in the company to survive the initial stages like your training period.

Now, if you don't know how to decide which profile is best suited for you, I recommend that you build a project with your team remember this should be a team project and assign a role to each and everyone including yourselves for a small part of the project, now record these working, again switch the roles for next part of project and record again and keep doing until your project is complete. Now analyze which role you enjoy and did the best that will be your profile.


You have chosen a profile, now you have to think about what my specialty, this is a harder step like If you have chosen a profile of developer then on which language you want to work on, what type of tools I should practice on, and things like that, now the main purpose of this step is not to provide or guide you into the specific domain but to ensure you that if I am going to work on this language or on this tool I can be 100% percent efficient. That will boost your confidence, and you won't leave any opportunity in that specific domain. Now, this is not a mandatory step but If you do this then you can see the improvement in yourselves.


Now you have every planning done, now you need to see where you want to see yourselves with this domain. It's like a dream that you want to achieve, set your milestones that you should be working on, the biggest advantage of setting goals that now you have cleared all the confusion from your mind and you are going to work for your goal. Always aim for big.


Working is the most important thing, but it's also the most devastating thing if you haven't set any goal. Now I am telling you to work on that goal, the goal you set for yourselves must be a bigger one so on the journey of accomplishing that goal you will achieve mini-goals that will help you to keep moving. The campus placement is just a first step and mini-goals that you have to achieve. Now while working the most important thing is to remind yourself what is the true goal that will keep you consistent and which is the most important thing.


Be consistent whatever you do, give you all in every moment if it's worth giving, and achieve your dreams.

Before finishing there is a common question everyone asked should I sit in every placement drive??

Well, my answer is, do you want an experience of sitting in placement drives or do you want jobs. Sit in every placement drive which profiles match your profile, other than you are just wasting your time and becoming responsible for the unstable future of others. Just believe in your strength.

You are wondering why not I consider for the packages, Well If you get your domain job then you will enjoy, work hard, and get paid beautifully. And you can achieve all of that just following above those steps.

Note - The final outcome will tell how much effort you put in each and every step, for each type of domain job, steps are the same.

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